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Arul Vaaku or oracles are given to devotees who come to our Ashram in search of a solution to their problems.

Arul Vaaku is given by our beloved Guru  Her Holiness. Arulmihu Aadhiparasakthi Amma – Universal Mother Goddess Aadhiparasakthi.

During Arul Vaaku, kind and gracious Goddess Aaadhiparasakthi enters into our Holy Guru’s body and after when she starts to speak with her children(devotees). A person who wants to hear Arul vaaku must come with clean body and mind and with devotion. She starts saying the Arul Vaaku even before any question is asked by the devotee. She, by the power of her Arul vaaku foresees the future and helps the devotees in finding a solution for their problems in an amazing way regardless of the depth of the problem. Her blessings bestow with bliss and peace of mind.  She teaches and guides us to attain a higher stage of realization thus building a healthy and peaceful community.


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