Maha Mrithunjeya Homam

Maha Mrityunjeya Homam


The word Mrityunjeya literally means ‘victory (jaya) over death (mrityu)’. The Mahamrityunjaya Homa is performed for longevity, to extend one’s lifetime, and to aid in overcoming any chronic illnesses or health problems. It also removes the fear of death. It is also performed for the attainment of good fortune, steady wealth, peace, and manifold progress in all endeavors. The vibrations of the main mantra used in this homa, the mrityunjaya mantra, have a strong healing and purifying effect on the body and mind. So strong, even, that it is said that even death can be conquered by the chanting of this mantra if done properly. It is therefore also called the Moksha Mantra, or the mantra that gives liberation (moksha) from suffering and death, and even rebirth.

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