Shri Subramanya Sahasranama archana pooja

Shri Subramanya Sahasranama archana pooja

Shri Subramanya Sahasranama is sacred text comprising of  1000 names of Sri Subramanya, the ne lord of youth and vigour, This sacred hymns were written in Skanda Purana as discussion between Brahma deva and Deva Rishi Sri Naradha. Chanting Subramanya Sahasranama and offering pooja every tuesday and on shasti thithi is considered very auspicious. 

One who chants Subramanya Sahasranama with absolute devotion with undisturbed mind is blessed with long life, protected from accidents, bestowed with vigour and health, victorious in all his good deeds, will be cured of disesases etc…




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