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Ganapathi Homam is performed to invoke the energy signified by Ganesha (the remover of obstacles). This Homa bestows health and wealth, remove obstacles and bestows success in endeavours and matters relating to service and business. The Ganapathi Homam is recommended before starting any new venture, business or project, to remove any obstacles that might arise in the future. It also removes any blocks that might be there in the consciousness. Another quality of Ganesha is bestowing knowledge, alertness, and awareness, and this Homa therefore also aids in removing any blocks or obstacles that one might encounter in the field of studies and academics. It is one of the most eminent Homas in the Vedic tradition, as nothing is started without invoking this energy.

In the process of awakening Kundalini, Lord Ganapathi plays an important role. The diety of base chakra or the Mooladhara chakra is said to be Lord Maha Ganapathi and thus invoking Lord Ganapathi by performing Ganapathi Homam can bring incredible results in  Kundalini Yoga which is the intial step to self-realization.

Ganapathy Homam needs to be performed within the early morning and Poornahuthi to be offered during sunrise. To carry out Ganapathy Homam the following materials are required – Ghee, Modhaka (a kind of candy organized with coconut, jaggery and rice flour or wheat flour), durva (a form of grass). The offering/Ahuti offered into the fire is known as Ashta Dravya that is an aggregate of the following 8 substances – 1.Coconut, 2.Banana, 3.Honey, 4.Sugarcane, 5.Ghee, 6.Modhaka, 7.Jaggery, 8.Puffed rice.

Performing this Homam once every year will give prosperity, health, and wealth.If anyone’s present dasa is of Ketu dasa or bhukthi or there is some dosha of Ketu in the horoscope, He can perform this homa and get relief.

The benefits of Maha Ganapathi Homam

· to overcome the barriers and welfare of the circle of relatives
· Hurdles within the mind and soul can be neglect.
· It will increase family bondage.
· To obtain fulfilment in existence
· increasing the advantageous impact to the environment
· Peace of thoughts and mind freshness
· Energizes the worshiper
· Disposing of struggles in life
· remove negative vibrations
· Quickness in action and work

Ganapathi Homam provides all advantages for our whole life. Lord Ganesha is constantly worshipped before all deities to beginning a  new mission or venture. So doing Ganapathi Homam will make your life colourful.

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