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Annai Abirami Ashramam

Annai Abirami Ashramam is a worldwide spiritual organization, founded in 1988 by Her Holiness “Aanmeega Guru” (Spiritual Guru) Arulmihu Aadhiparasakthi Amma. She is the Founder, President and the Holy guru of our worldwide spiritual organization, under whose auspicious guidance we continue to serve Humanity.

Our Spiritual Journey

Our Holy Guru, Her Holiness Arulmihu Aadhiparasakthi Amma was born on 1957 in a small village named Mudunakade. During her childhood, she was very much inspired by the devotion of her father which later guided her in the path of spirituality.

The Divinity Revealed

Everything started one fine day during the year 1988. It was supposed to be a usual day for Our Guru (now), was then a regular housewife living with her husband and two children in Colombo. Nobody expected this to happen, but the Divine One had other plans.

Our Tradition

Shri Jagath Guru Aadhishankaracharya's Advita Sampradaya

Shringeri Peedam – Tundabadra Theertham – Boorivara Sampradayam – Yajur vedam

Acharya Sureshwaracharya – Rameshwaram Kshetram – Aham Brahmasmin Maha Vaakyam 

Baargava Gotram – Saraswathy Yogapattam 



Our Mission & Vision

To create a Happy, Healthy and Harmonized society through divine spiritual power.

Worship God. Reach out to fellow Humans who are in need. Help people find peace of mind and solace by enlightening them through spiritual knowledge and divine power.

 Spread the Vedic knowledge of Hinduism and share with everyone, the universal spiritual love, peace and harmony; strengthen social bondage among people beyond race, religion, ethnicity and caste through spiritual and social aspects.

Her Holiness. Arulmihu Aadhiparasakthi Amma

with her Disciples

Sunday school

We not only educate children with Hindu religious and cultural knowledge but also conduct practical spiritual workshops to guide them to the highest level of humanity, educating young children with moral values and Dharma to produce a brighter future generation.

Our Temple

There is a small temple or Madaalayam in our Ashram. Daily Poojas and special Poojas are conducted by the Sanyasis of the Ashram under the supervision of our Guru. There are several vigrahas (statues) of Deities been installed (pradishta) at our temple.

Our services

We provide services to the community without any discrimination of race, caste, religion, or ethnicity varied from religious spiritual activities to social activities. We support the people who are in need such as children deprived of education in slums, women-headed families, persons with long-lasting illness and need for health support while promoting hygienic life for all.

Go  Shalai


All cows are revered in Hinduism аѕ earthly embodiment of the Kamadhenu. Shе іѕ regarded by the worship of all cows through the perceptive Hindu populace

Oracles/Arul Vaaku

Arul Vaaku or oracles are given to devotees who come to our Ashram

in search of solution to their problems. Arul Vaaku is given by our beloved Guru

Her Holiness. Arulmihu Aadhiparasakthi Amma.

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We Gather on These Days 

Daily poojas

7–8 am, 11-12 pm, 6-7 am

Fridays 9:30–11:30 am

Full moon days 9 am–6 pm



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