quizDo you think you have a good knowledge of Hinduism? If so Let’s see how you can manage with this Hinduism Quiz 1.

Let’s Take the challenge !!!!!!!!

Who wrote Mahabaratha?

Which is the dwelling place of Lord Shiva?


Which is the sixth Avatar Of Maha Vishnu?

Which Yuga does the great Epic Ramayana belong to?

Who is Kunti devi's first son?


Which Demon king was killed by Mahavishnu's Narasimha Avatar?

Who is the first and foremost worshipped God in Hinduism?

Which is the first avatar of Maha Vishnu?


In Hindu mythology, who is the god of death?

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the Questions given above, please leave/mention them below in the comments section.


Hinduism Quiz 2 will be coming soon.


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