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HinduismThe religion of huge diversity, that its fundamentals pass on over a large number of texts. This spiritual text of Hindus encompasses an extremely large ensemble. The main scriptures are the four Vedas called Rig-Veda, Yajur Veda, Sâma-Veda, and Atharva-Veda. These concentrate not only on rituals, Upanishads, and Puranas toss light on mythological accounts, spiritual understanding, and philosophical teachings. Furthermore to these, there are always a great many other common texts (Shastras) preaching the Hindu idea, as well as the key epics — the Mahâbhârata and the Râmâyana.

Hinduism is the name given to our religion by foreigners. Every other religion has been evolved from a Great philosopher and that religion never existed before that philosopher. Whereas Hinduism has far exceeded the time limits of Human calculations, thus it is called the Sanathana Dharma – the eternal religion. Even today the scientists are excited and fascinated to find how intelligent and advanced were the Hindu philosophers and how scientific based were our culture and customs. know more about Hinduism – the scientific belief system

Probably the most noteworthy effects have been for the evolution of Indian contemporary society. You will find four stages of a human being life (Âshramas). They are the Brahmacharya – stage of students, Grahastha -house-maker, Vanaprastha – pension (detachment in the materialistic world) and lastly, asceticism where in fact the goal is to get the eternal satisfaction.

Hindu culture was formerly classified into 4 divisions, that is called the Varnas. They are – 1 ) Priests and educators (Brahmins), 2. Kings, Grand and nobleman (Kshatriyas), 3. Businessmen (Vaishyas), 4. Servants and labourers (Shudras). Modern Hinduism is a lot more liberal, the concepts of castes and classes remain important in issues of cultural norms, politics, and marriage.

We are proud to be Hindus

Here is a Quiz based on the basics of Hinduism. Hope you have fun as well as learn more important facts about our great religion.

Ravana was the king of a place that was probably which present day country?

Which is the Holy Book/ scriptures of Hindus?

Who among the following belongs to the "Trimurtis"?


Who gave Pashupatastra to Arjuna?

Which God's weapon is Sudarshana Chakra?

Who is the mother of the youngest Pandava?


How many Maha Puranas are there?

According to Hinduism, who is the king of Devas?

In the Kurukshetra war, Krishna was the charioteer of which great warrior?


Hinduism is the ..................


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