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Vedic Mantras – An introduction

Mantra Shastra is considered to be one of the most significant gifts of the historical Vedic Rishis and the Indian subcontinent, to the world. Mantras are vibrations which have a particular and definite influence on the environment. The data of how to use different...

Yagya/Homa – The secret revealed

Yagya/Homa - The secret revealed Homam/Yagya is а holy purifying ritual performed bу Hindu priests іn temples, homes аnd working spots іn thе presence оf а holy fire, thе Agni God. Hinduism іѕ vеrу muсh aware оf thе wау thаt thе Sun іѕ thе principle source оf vitality...

How to eat healthy? explained in Hinduism.

One of the oldest yet most celebrated nature's systems of Medicine in existence, the Ayurveda gives us profound knowledge on how to eat healthy. Most information provided by Ayurveda is almost commonly followed by Hindus in their day to day life, even without knowing...

Hinduism belief system – Science behind it

It is really amazing to know the science behind the Hinduism belief system, followed by Hindus for really a  very long period of time. At present, the spiritual seekers and researchers are exploring deep down to the core of the Hindu customs and culture and have...

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