History of our Ashram

Her Holiness Arulmihu Aadhiparasakthi Amma our Holy Guru fondly called as Amma by our devotees was born on 1957 in a small village named Mudunakade, which is in Kandy district. Late Shri.Thangavelu the trustee of the Mudunakade Kathiresa Perumal temple and Late Shrimathi.Rathnaambal were her parents. She was born with three brothers and four sisters. During her childhood, she was very much inspired by the devotion of her father which later lead her to the path of spirituality. In her childhood, She studied at the Talatu oya Tamil Mahavidyalaya during when she was incurred with a lot of miracles. Later she became a primary school teacher. At age of 26, she got married to Shri.Karupiah Ramamoorthy and gave birth to 2 children who at present are sanyasis of Aadhishankaracharya tradition.

                                                                  It was just 6 months after when she gave birth to the second child she had a supernatural experience which turned her life completely into spirituality. From then on she slowly transformed as Her Holiness Aanmeega Guru Arulmihu Aadhiparasakthi amma. With the power of trance, she started serving humanity. She started healing the incurable diseases. Provided solutions for all sort of problems by counseling. So on the service went on building a strong platform for spirituality.

                                                                In order to provide proper and standard service to the public Soon with many more activities, she founded a spiritual organization named Annai Aadhiparasakthi  Illam registered under the Religious department. Many volunteers joined hands with her to conduct spiritual activity as well as social activities too. She understood that only a spiritually enlightened disciplined community is a healthy community. So she started to render spiritual discourses thus enlightening the masses.

                                                              In order to take on the selfless spiritual service on to the future, she decided to prepare some of her young disciples to take the task into their hands. She carefully selected some disciples and gave them brahmacharya Deeksha and started giving them hard spiritual training. Some disciples could not cope up with training and fled the ashram, finally, only 3 out of 7 were able to complete the training and they were given the sanyasi Deeksha of the Aadhishankaracharya tradition. They have been taught on several aspects of spiritualism. Thus the organization was then transformed into an ashram and facilitating the devotees to gain the divine knowledge of Vedas. At present Our ashram, Annai Abirami ashram continues to serve the devotees with the guidance of our spiritual Guru Her Holiness Arulmihu Aadhiparaskthi amma.

Loga samastha sukino bavanthu.