How to eat healthy? explained in Hinduism.

One of the oldest yet most celebrated nature’s systems of Medicine in existence, the Ayurveda gives us profound knowledge on how to eat healthy. Most information provided by Ayurveda is almost commonly followed by Hindus in their day to day life, even without knowing the spirituality and the scientific facts found behind it. They followed it as tradition given to them from their forefathers. But the modern world is absolutely astonished and amazed by the facts found behind these long followed Hindu traditions.The Topic How to eat healthy?  explores both the spiritual and the scientific facts behind the traditional method of eating followed by Hindus.

Why do we eat with our bare hands? – Spiritual explanation
how to eat healthy

In Vedic custom, we eat with our hands because the five elements inside them start to change the food and make it simple to digest even before it arrives the mouth. This change additionally elevates the senses so that we can notice, taste and feel the texture of the nourishment we are eating. We can likewise hear the hints of eating. These sensations are a fundamental prelude to enticing Agni or the fire of assimilation [digestive acid] to get prepared itself for the food to come.

Hands are viewed as our most valuable organ of activity. Our hands and feet are said to be the conductors of the five elements or Pancha bhutas.–space, air, fire, water, and earth. The force of one of the five elements courses through every finger.

How to eat healthy – Know your five fingers and the respective elements they represent.

According to Vedic texts the thumb represents space, Forefinger represents air, Mid finger represents fire, Ring finger, water, and little finger represents earth.

On the more noteworthy measurement, the demonstration of eating is profound spiritual feasting. We are initiating the energies of the Deities of the respective elements, fortifying a surge of elevated cognizance inside. This is made conceivable through the intense play of mudra. It brings the elements of nature through our hands and fingers into the food and afterwards goes along with it with Agni. if we know about arousing the fire inside ourselves, we digest not only the food but also our thoughts more smoothly. The fire of digestion and the fire of the brain work as one.

Ayurveda lets us know that illness takes ascend in the body in light of the fact that the digestive fire is amiss and the brain is disturbed. The vast majority today eat and run, juggling an excessively full log book. We regularly skip breakfast, eat a less nutritious lunch, and that too in a rush, and take a seat to supper late during the evening, after which we promptly fall into bed. How could appropriate processing happen when we constrain the framework to endure such mishandle quite a long time? In this mad pace of living, how might we be able to keep up self-restraint in the psyche and hence recollect the holy motivation behind these appendages? No big surprise that we have such a high rate of the tumour and coronary illness, and afflictions coming about because of ill-advised eating routine. We decline to watch the respectability of our physiology by nourishing our bodies and souls with poise and regard. Utilizing the time-respected methods can help us to re-establish well being and concordance in our regular day to day existences.

In Ghronikah Mudra shown below, [the mudra used to eat]  the five fingertips form a petal around a lump of food about the size of a plum. This is one of the main Mudras used for eating solid food like grains and vegetables, or for scooping dhal with chapati or bread.



Why do we eat with our hands? – Scientific explanation

Normally in our palm and the fingers of our hand, we have a bacteria called normal Flora, which is not harmful to humans. Instead, in reality, it shields us from numerous harming micro organisms in nature. When you eat with your hands, the bacteria in the fingers are taken in. It is valuable for well being and for different body parts, for example, the mouth, throat, and digestive system, as it helps in sound digestion in the gut. Handling food with your fingers discharges digestive juices and proteins. Additionally, a huge number of nerve endings in your fingers transfer the message that you’re going to eat, including the temperature and texture of the food. In this way preparing the stomach for easy absorption.

Why do we sit down and eat? – how to eat healthy

how to eat healthy

When we take a seat to eat the Indian way we, for the most part, sit leg over leg an asana called sukhasana which turns useful for our well being. This stance permits the psyche to calm down. The asana applies weight to the lower spine which encourages relaxation. The advantages of sitting on the floor have its foundations both in yoga and Ayurveda. So you are eating as well as you are multitasking and doing yoga in the meantime.

When we sit on the floor, is not just the stance that is sitting leg over leg which is a yoga asana but also it aids in digestion and additionally  when the plate is set on the floor in front of you, we normally need to bend forward to eat from the plate and retreat to our common position. This consistent forward and backward movement helps in the belly muscles being initiated throughout the meal and prompts better discharge of the digestive juices(acids) making the food to be processed appropriately and rapidly.

Sitting with folded legs enhances the blood course in our body as it unwinds the nerves and the weight on it. One of digestion’s most critical component is the sound blood flow. To stay aware of this procedure, our heart tends to work extra to assist our digestive framework. Here is where sitting on the floor and eating can assist. When we sit on the floor our heart gets the advantage, as the blood is effortlessly pumped through the heart to every organ required for digestion. This is in contrast to the process when we sit on an eating table and seat, where the bloodstreams to the legs are lower than the heart. In this manner sitting on the floor and eating, bears a sound heart with solid muscles to help with our day to day activities of life.

Loka Samastha Sukino Bavanthu! – May there be well being to people all over the world.

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