Inauguration of first ever Sunday/Aranery school in India

Unlike Sri Lanka, in India for a prolonged period of time there was a lack of a proper structure for teaching Hindu religious studies to the young children and thus providing the divine knowledge of the Hindu scriptures to the next generation. Our Guru made use of this auspicious occasion to inaugurate the first ever Araneri/Sunday school in India. We handed over all the study materials for all grades of students and our  Guru briefed on the method of undertaking araneri  classes to the relevant teachers.


Installation of Idols of Raja Maathangi, Naga Thathar and his consort

Recently on 10th July 2016 our beloved Guru Her Holiness Arulmihu Aadhiparasakthi Amma was invited by the trustees of Kanchi Bala temple at Kanchipuram, India for the installation of Goddess Raja Maathangi idol and Kumbabishekam. The ceremony was conducted in a auspicious manner. It was followed by the installation of the Idol of Naga thathar and his consort. Hundreds of devotees flooded  to get the blessings of the deities.




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