Our Temple

About our temple

We at our Ashram have a small temple or madaalayam. Daily poojas and special poojas are conducted by the sanyases of the ashram with the guidance of our Holy Guru Her Holiness. Arulmihu Aadhiparasakthi Amma. There are several Deities  been installed(pradishta) at our temple.
The Moolavar being Shiva linga named Amareeshwara Nathar with his consort Amareeshwari devi.

Deities at our temple



Nithya poojas/Daily poojas

Daily poojas are held two times a day in our Ashram’s temple. Besides daily poojas Special poojas and archana is also held on special occasions.

Special poojas

 Arul vaaku pooja

 Thiruvillaku pooja

 Shri Lalitha Sahasranama archana pooja

 Shri Vishnu Sahasranama archana pooja

 Sri Rudhrabishekha pooja 

 Pradosha pooja

Vedic mantra chant

As per Holy scriptures the Vedas, the defenition of Mantra – Mananaal Thrayathae ethi Manthraha meaning  when a mantra is chanted, it not only protects the one who chants it  but also protects the whole environment where it is chanted. Thus there are 51 aksharas or sounds(syllables) which are put together in forming a mantra which benefits everyone. The Vedas depict that the mantras are already present in this vast universe in the form of vibrations, which the great rishis or sages with power of penance found out and revealed to the world so that everyone is benefited.  A mantra may or may not have a specific structure or  meaning; the spiritual value of a mantra comes when it makes a positive effect in our mind, body and thought

However before starting to chant mantras the student or one who wants an initiation for mantra chant must get the mantra initiation from a proper Guru or a Vedic teacher who is well versed in mantra shastra, because chanting mantras in a improper way may bring in negative vibrations that may create a negative effect .

Thus the mantras takes a significant part in performing poojas and homas or yagnas or any rituals connected to humanity. Mantras chanted in a proper way brings peace of mind and prosperity.


Holy Bajans

As per Bagawan Sri Krishna’s divine words, in kali yuga chanting and singing of names of gods and goddess is the perfect way to attain self realization which leads to Jeevan Mukthi . So according to Shri Krishna’s preaching  Naama Sangeerthana also called Bajans are conducted to uplift the the human minds to the state of bakthi thus relaxing the mind to attain peace and share love and devotion with each other.


Thiruvilaku pooja

Thiruvilaku pooja

Thiruvilaku pooja or Oil lamp pooja is very important pooja which is held at our ashram every friday mornings and Pournami days. The significance of Oil lamp is very much highlighted in Vedic scriptures and agamas. It is clearly understandable that, never a pooja or any religious or cultural ceremony is started without lighting an oil lamp. A lamp is compared to a human body and when the the lamp is lit with devotion by a person it can show whatever the problems the person is conferring and the Guru identifies it and provides the remedies. A pooja can be performed just with a oil lamp even without a sculpture or any other  yantras. But no pooja is done without  lighting an oil Lamp.