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Gomatha or Kamadhenu – The sacred cow in Hinduism

Gomatha оr Kamadhenu, оthеrwіѕе called Surabhi, іѕ а heavenly cow-like goddess portrayed іn Hinduism аѕ thе mother оf аll dairy animals. Shе іѕ а...

How to eat healthy? explained in Hinduism.

One of the oldest yet most celebrated nature's systems of Medicine in existence, the Ayurveda gives us profound knowledge on how to eat healthy....

Hinduism belief system – Science behind it

It is really amazing to know the science behind the Hinduism belief system, followed by Hindus for really a  very long period of time....

Spiritual Growth – Seek thе truth wіthіn you

Thе Spiritual Challenge оf Modern Times Tо grow spiritually іn а world defined bу power, money, аnd influence іѕ а Herculean task. Modern conveniences...

Health and spirituality – Discover the inner peace

  What is spirituality? spirituality is the way you discover meaning, trust, comfort, and internal peace in your life. Numerous individuals discover spirituality through religion. A few...

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