Mantra Shastra is considered to be one of the most significant gifts of the historical Vedic Rishis and the Indian subcontinent, to the world. Mantras are vibrations which have a particular and definite influence on the environment. The data of how to use different sounds effectively for an array of purposes is recognized as Mantra Shastra or the Vedic Science of Mantras.

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The Vedas are the most historic and sacred scriptures of the civilization much older than most scholars will be ready to admit. They may be one of the few, if not the only scriptures that are not only very historic but also include a vast knowledge of all the primary branches of technology and science, Which range from advanced surgical treatments that were in the historic medical system called Ayurveda, to explanations and calculations of astronomical phenomena such as eclipses and distances between planets that are as accurate as today’s modern technology. However, the Vedas are older than their written information, as these were part of the oral custom that was even more historic, by-hearted and offered by its custodians: the Rishis or ne Seers.

The Vedic Mantras

The Vedas are a huge collection of mantras or verses which have been structured in an organized way to cover a vast range of topics and branches of knowledge. The language used was a historical form of Sanskrit,  known as Chandas, which in a few ways differs from and predates the classical Sanskrit found in the Puranas and Itihasas like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. This historic vocabulary was established on vibrations and sounds, which made understanding it a more intuitive process than simply ‘translating’ the word’s meaning. That is also why the majority of the translations of the Vedas sometimes don’t make much sense.

The Vedas, contain mantras that are incredibly powerful and effective in attaining a vast range of results, starting from curing ailments, injuries, to balancing a character and suppressing negative effects of planets and other similar sources. There are yoga mantras, curing mantras, mantras for success, mantras for prosperity, mantras for health and well being, and more. There are even powerful mantras to curb your enemies, or even hit them down, and it was for this reason that Mantras are kept secret and The data was only directed to those considered eligible. Without the correct initiation and guidance, one cannot learn the secrets and proper use of the techniques, even if he might get access to it. Mostly this knowledge was passed down orally though.

The Rishis were called ‘mantra drashta’, this means ‘the ones who perceived the mantras’. They didn’t ‘create’ the mantras. Using their super natural consciousness and deep contemplation, they were able to understand these vibrations which linked to them and their specific results. These results were then offered and later documented. Modern science, and Quantum Physics especially, has just started confirming a few of the findings of the ancient Seers, having the ability to monitor the consequences of specific vibrations on various materials. In the end, this entire world comprises of substances and atoms, which are subsequently only energy vibrating in a certain way.

Our true character is pure Consciousness, it is our Atma or Spirit, but usually, we cannot experience this because our brain is always energetic. Some thoughts keep arriving, even during our rest and dreams. Mantras can help us to calm down our brain, allowing us to travel deep in meditation and also to experience our true nature. And that may well be the best contribution of the historic Rishis possible to human race.


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